A downloadable game for Windows

10-minute horror/comedy low-poly first-person adventure game

This game has disturbing themes and unrealistic stylized violence.

This is a cancelled 2017 project based on games by Allen Trivette.

I recommend watching the video before playing.



Deep Than The Night, Part 2 - Live 23 Mar 1981, Les Rallizes Dénudés

Aogeba Tōtoshi from Tampopo, Kunihiko Murai

Requiem: Dies Irae, Giuseppe Verdi

Stripper song written for Ghost Town Clubhouse, Sam Mortimer

Down Into the Bonehoard from Thief: The Dark Project, Eric Brosius

Market song written for Ghost Town Clubhouse, Tim Mortimer

Training menu song from Wii Sports, Kazumi Totaka

How'm I Gonna Make You Love Me?, The J. Arthur Keenes Band


GhostTownClubhouse2021-10-16.zip 71 MB

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