A downloadable game for Windows

April 2021

20-minute prototype

Gamepad required (Xbox 360 or similar)

This was a university team project, which became Solar Flare's 'Shikari X' (https://solar-flare-london.itch.io/).


Sam Mortimer -- Designer & coder

Max Elmore -- Designer & producer + additional graphics & code

Spike Foster -- Designer, sound engineer & music composer

Vlad Tipu -- Designer & 3D modeller

We successfully pitched this game to Tranzfuser for the Enterprise pathway and won £5000 funding. This is our video pitch:

Video pitch production credits:

Sam Mortimer -- Writing, shooting and editing

Max Elmore -- Writing

Leon Brown -- Shooting

Del Manno -- Opening logo animation

Spike Foster -- Music

Cathy Dixon -- Additional sound

Walkthrough by Max Elmore:



Shikari 100 Game.zip 42 MB

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